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Bernie Allen

Passed Away

Jan. 16, 2004

Comedy legend Bernie Allen opened at the Sands Hotel on September 15, 1966, thanks to a chance meeting with superstar Frank Sinatra.  Detailed in his autobiography, "Have A Clown On Me,"  he describes that special evening at  comedian Joe E. Lewis' Friar's Roast in New York City's famed Waldorf Astoria.  Bobby Gordon, Lewis' road manager, spotted Allen and asked him to get up and perform his now famous routine as Dr. Hans Vollstriner, Germany's foremost nuclear scientist.  Sinatra, sitting with Jack Entratter, owner of the Sands in '66, became an instant fan, gave "the word" to Entratter to book Allen in Vegas and the rest, as the cliché goes, is show-biz history.  Allen says "If it wasn't for Frank Sinatra, I wouldn't have been performing  in Las Vegas for the last three decades. God rest  his soul.  My life is filled with God's miracles."

Allen lost his Bronx restaurant, Bernie's Luncheonette, due to racetrack gambling, had to rely on driving cabs for an income to support his wife and three kids.  Always a jokester,  one night Allen picked up boxing legend Rocky Grazino, who was on his way to a "Sugar Ray Robinson/Carmen Basilio" fight. "En route, to fill the silence, I began making jokes about my recent adversities.  Rocky laughed hysterically during the ride.  We spent the night at the fight and hit some nightspots, where Grazinao said, I'm going to get you in show business.  He inspired me to try my hand at comedy."  More miracles...more history.  His peers in this glittery world of late night entertainment included comedians Shecky Greene, Alan King, Redd Foxx, Louis Prima, Keely Smith and Della Reese.  He has also appeared in many motion pictures and television shows too numerous to mention.  In the world of show-biz comedy for more than 50 years, Allen is an important part of the history of entertainment lounges in "Old Las Vegas."

Frankie "DEE" DeMatto
Deceased April 2006

A True Las Vegas Legend

A man who loves the world of showbiz! Frankie 'Dee' DeMatto, was the host of KUNV 91.5's Celebrity Show since 1981.  He had the opportunity to interview everyone from Bob Anderson to Louis Prima and the Witnesses to B. B. King, and many other great performers  of our city.  He captured the attention of his  radio audience with the warmth and energy he put into his shows!  Today, he is eighty-eight years young, yet as vibrant as a man thirty.  Frankie is retired from doing his celebrity show, but those in the showbiz world all know Frankie and his love of the business.. He continues to help and inspire young and old, give his time and talents to charities and organizations and isn't slowing down a bit.

He has a warm smile and greeting for everyone.  People just love him from the moment they meet him.  He enjoys giving back to the business that was so good to him (because he was good for it).  He is, what is called "a class act." Starting at age 13, as a tap dancer, Frankie enjoyed life and entertaining people.  Later at age 17, he was the youngest known emcee for Big Band Ballroom Dance, also he was a sports announcer for the Jersey City Giants pro football team, with Dennis James.  Frankie's dream came true later in life as a Famous Radio Personality.  Like we said before, he hosted an hour long radio show on KUNV-91.5FM, for more than fourteen years.  His guests included some of the biggest names in show business.  He is a radio interviewer and media personality who loves the world of show business.

Recently, at  The CAST Inc. January 20th, 2003 Luncheon at Nick's on the strip, Frankie "Dee" and Charo reminisced on their meeting at Tony Sacca's Annual Christmas Charity Party December the 17th, 2002.

Sonny King is a legend among his show business friends, who include almost every legendary entertainer to perform in Las Vegas in the '50s through the '80s. He and Dean Martin were roommates when they were starting out in show business -- often boxing each other in their hotel room and charging admission to raise money. King is credited with introducing Martin and Jerry Lewis, who teamed up to become one of the most popular comedy duos in the nation from 1949 to 1959. Martin's daughter, Deana, has invited King to her home in Branson, Mo., to recuperate when he is released from the hospital. Deana and King have always been close. "She calls him Uncle Sonny," Peggy King said. King was an ex-officio member of the Rat Pack -- close friends with Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Jr. -- but never identified as a member of the group by the media. King, who arrived in Las Vegas in 1955, eventually became Jimmy Durante's opening act and spent 28 years with the comedian.  

Mary Kaye

 passed away February 17, 2007

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