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Frankie "DEE" DeMatto
Deceased April 2006

A True Las Vegas Legend

A man who loves the world of showbiz! Frankie 'Dee' DeMatto, was the host of KUNV 91.5's Celebrity Show since 1981.  He had the opportunity to interview everyone from Bob Anderson to Louis Prima and the Witnesses to B. B. King, and many other great performers  of our city.  He captured the attention of his  radio audience with the warmth and energy he put into his shows!  Today, he is eighty-eight years young, yet as vibrant as a man thirty.  Frankie is retired from doing his celebrity show, but those in the showbiz world all know Frankie and his love of the business.. He continues to help and inspire young and old, give his time and talents to charities and organizations and isn't slowing down a bit.

He has a warm smile and greeting for everyone.  People just love him from the moment they meet him.  He enjoys giving back to the business that was so good to him (because he was good for it).  He is, what is called "a class act." Starting at age 13, as a tap dancer, Frankie enjoyed life and entertaining people.  Later at age 17, he was the youngest known emcee for Big Band Ballroom Dance, also he was a sports announcer for the Jersey City Giants pro football team, with Dennis James.  Frankie's dream came true later in life as a Famous Radio Personality.  Like we said before, he hosted an hour long radio show on KUNV-91.5FM, for more than fourteen years.  His guests included some of the biggest names in show business.  He is a radio interviewer and media personality who loves the world of show business.

Recently, at  The CAST Inc. January 20th, 2003 Luncheon at Nick's on the strip, Frankie "Dee" and Charo reminisced on their meeting at Tony Sacca's Annual Christmas Charity Party December the 17th, 2002.

Benny Bennet, started his musical career in the Boy Scouts Marching Band when he was 8 years old.  In High School he played Trumpet and Drums with the Orchestra, then played with many famous jazz artists such as  Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, Dizzey Gillespie, Charley Charistian, Elmo Snowden, Billy Taylor and Machito's Latin Band.  After 4 years in the United States Air Force, he obtained a BA Degree from the Conservatoire National de Musique in Paris, France on the G.I. Bill.  During his stay in Europe, he recorded with Don Byas, Roy Eldrige, James Moody and Clifford Brown.

After forming his own orchestra, he traveled throughout Europe, Africa and the middle east, then was engaged as Conductor of the orchestra at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France for 3 years.  At the same time he signed his first contract with Vogue Records in Paris and recorded over a dozen albums.  While in Israel in 1957, he was awarded a solid silver Bible encrusted with  precious stones and dedicated by Moshe Walling for outstanding  performance in morale building of the Israelian youth and received the Honorary Membership Card from the Zionist Organization of America House of Tel-Aviv.

Benny owned and operated his Nightclub in one of France's most famous Ski resorts in Cour-Chevel-1850 "Le Tremplin" in 1962 and 1963.  He then returned to the United States in 1967 and worked in the Waldorf Astoria in New York as a waiter, Captain, Assistant Maitre'd, then in the Empire Room as percussionist in the Show Room Orchestra.  After playing the Broadway rock show "The Me Nobody Knows", he did various engagements in the New York Mountain Resorts, then joined Barry White Love Unlimited Orchestra, traveling throughout the United States and Canada.  Since his arrival in 1975 to Las Vegas, he has played the "Lido of Paris Show" in the Stardust Casino and various Lounges and Nightclubs.  In 1977 he formed his Latin Jazz Orchestra which comprise the finest talent's of Vegas and performed in the Jazz Room, El Jardin, Sundancer, El Bocasio, Bandido's, Las Margaritas, Latin Quarter and various for the Las Vegas Jazz Society.

Benny Bennet, performs every Sunday at 3 to 6pm with his 19 piece "Salsation Jazz Orchestra" and every Monday night from 9pm on with  his 10 piece "Latin Salsa Band" at: Steven David's Club, 545 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada

Benny Bennet
(702) 434-7336

Born September 20th, 1922 in New York.

Honorable Discharge: USAF 1946 - 2 Bronze Service Stars - EAMET Ribbon - Good Conduct Medal - Victory Medal - Meritorious Service Unit Plaque

Education: Aviation Institute of Technology, Diploma - BA degree Consevatoire Nationale de Music Paris -

Profession:  Percussionist - Arranger - Conductor

Language: Fluent in English, French, Spanish and is knowledgeable in German and Italian.


The DeCastro Sisters -- Peggy and Cherie -- call themselves the "Cuban bombshells," and are still living up to that name on the stage.
The DeCastro Sisters were originally a trio with Babette, their youngest sister, who passed away in 1993. Olgita DeCastro Marino, a cousin, filled the onstage gap left by Babette, but she died in 2000.
The DeCastros' mother was a former "Ziegfeld Follies" dancer in New York City, and their father owned a sugar cane plantation in the Dominican Republic.
Their mother took up opera singing as a hobby and pretty soon her daughters were singing too. They were imitating the Andrews Sisters and hitting Cuban stages before any had turned 14.
They moved to America, where they played such places as New York's Copacabana, appeared in a movie with Carmen Miranda and made it big in 1955 with their one and only hit, "Teach Me Tonight." The song remains their hallmark.

Jeffries' platinum record "Flamingo" sold over 14 million copies... He is the only surviving member of the original Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Herb Jeffries  

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